5 argumentative essay topics on current issues in 2013

If you’re a student, you should go ahead and face the fact that at some point in your English courses, you will be asked to write an argumentative essay. You should also face the fact that many of your peers will choose the same old, over-used topics such as gun control, illegal immigration, marijuana as a medicine, and smoking in public as their argumentative essay topics.

So, if you want to be different and try to persuade your willing audience on more current issues, then sift through the list below. All of these current issues have popped up in the news within the last couple of months, and they’re on everyone’s mind as 2013 nears a new year.


What is the world thinking about right now?

5 argumentative essay topics on current issues

1. Obamacare – Is it going to work? Is it constitutional, socialist, promising, the best idea since pb&j? What are the pros? Cons? To get a little more general, is federal control of society in aspects such as health care, medicine, education, transportation, etc. an overstepping of its constitutional responsibilities, or a public safeguard?

Doubtful doctor

Is there a doctor in the House?

2. Nuclear weapons – Should countries hold one another accountable for possession of chemical weapons? How so and to what extent? Did the United States, Russia, and/or the United Nations respond effectively to Syria’s possession of chemical weapons? Are there instances in which having the technology and intelligence for nuclear weapons is necessary?

Nuclear sign

That tiny dot – it’s the earth.

3. Television decency – How far is too far for stars? Is creating standards for family television equivalent to censorship? Should performers like Miley Cyrus be free to wear nude clothing and make gestures that obviously represent sexual acts on a nationally aired show?

4. Government surveillance – Is it to the point of overstepping the boundaries of individual privacy, or does the government have the right to monitor cell phone and computer activity of all citizens, in the name of finding out terrorists?? Was Edward Snowden justified in unveiling information the government obtained covertly? Should we feel safe as long as we’re not doing anything wrong?

5. Food regulations – How should we work to standardize and enforce food “laws of the land”? What information do companies need to include on labels? What’s the solution to packagers who are including pig and horse meat in foods labeled as chicken or beef? Or pumping meats full of hormones and produce full of pesticides?

It sure looks like beef.

It sure looks like beef.

All images in this post are in the public domain.


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